4th Congress of Polish Clusters in Warsaw

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On 25th of January 2017 Vice CEO of Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Medium Business Dagmara Gęborys took part in 4th Congress of Polish Clusters in Warsaw. The conference was officially opened by the Vice Minister of Economic Development Jadwiga Emilewicz.

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During the Congress there were being discussed the issues connected with the economic growth basing on the innovation through the activities of clusters as well as the issues connected with changes in legislation in the field of innovation and instruments of support of clusters’ activities.

„In the Strategy towards a Responsible Development, the country’s key clusters were taken under consideration while fulfilling the actions connected with the development of a modern industry, mobilization of private equity towards conducting the activity of R+D+I, as well as stimulating an external demand on innovation through increasing companies’ capabilities and tendency towards export and locating direct investments abroad”said Deputy Minister J. Emilewicz.

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The Deputy Minister Emilewicz also added that clusters being a platform of cooperation and exchange of experience create an ecosystem which contributes towards the development of a competitive economy.

(source: Ministry of Economic Development)