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On 20th of January 2017 during the conference: „Special Economic Zones for Trade Education” in Wałbrzych, the Managing Boards of SEZs in Poland made the decision of supporting the conception of new educational politics concerning the professional (trade) education. Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Medium Business was represented by Vice CEO Dagmara Gęborys.

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The representatives of all 14 Special Economic Zones in Poland assured of their support towards the actions of the Ministry of Education in Poland and they declared the help in all the actions aiming at the increase of employers’ participation in the educational process.

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At the conference: „Special Economic Zones for Trade Education”, which took place in Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone, there was present the Minister of Education in Poland Anna Zalewska. In her speech she thanked the representatives of SEZs for the will to take an active part into the development of the system of trade/ professional education.

„I am glad that you are partners for us. I would like to thank you for your declared support towards the notion of trade education – the effect of it will be a well-prepared graduate, ready to undertake the job”said Minister Anna Zalewska. “We want to gain from the experience of employers so the upcoming changes would be not only beneficial for business, but also the whole educational system” – she said.

The following Special Economic Zones signed the document:

You will find a full text of the declaration below (only Polish):
(source: Ministry of Education in Poland)